New Browsers, Loads of Crashes

I’m testing Internet Explore 8 beta to see what’s new, and currently using Firefox 3.0 for general browsing. IE8beta1 crashes quite a bit, and it’s not playing well with Visual Studio 2008. Clicking on ‘Stop Debugging’ on VS2008 gives me this:

This tab has been recovered. A problem with this webpage caused Internet Explorer to close and reopen the tab.

What’s weird is that it shows up in the latest IE I run, and not the one VS2008 started for debugging. It also likes doing this:

Your last browsing session closed unexpectedly. Restore your last session. Go to your home page.

Unexpected? I closed it on purpose, thank you.

Not to be outdone, Firefox 3.0 loves showing me the ‘Mozilla Crash Reporter.’ Why isn’t it more stable than version 2.0?

Mozilla Crash Reporter. Firefox had a problem and crashed. We'll try to restore your tabs and windows when it restarts.

Tags: Beta, FF3, Firefox, IE8, Internet Explorer, Visual Studio 2008

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