Windows 7: Calibrate Your Tablet/Touchscreen With More Points

NOTICE: This content discusses features in beta software that may change in the final release version.

This is an extension of my other touchscreen calibration post for Vista. I tested it on my HP Pavilion tx1220us tablet PC with Windows 7 Beta installed, and I made the trick work by following these steps.

If you’ve previously calibrated your tablet or touchscreen, you may get a popup when you use the tabcal utility in the command prompt:

Digitizer Calibration Tool: Linearity calibration data is already present. Please use the 'Reset' button in the Tablet PC Settings control panel applet to remove the data.

As instructed, open up the Tablet PC Settings in the Control Panel and reset the calibration and the tabcal utility will be allowed to run a calibration.

Windows 7: Tablet PC Settings; Calibration

There’s one gotcha to using the added calibration points in the Windows 7 utility however. If the same XGridPts and YGridPts values are used (as discussed in the instructions for Vista), the grid points will be covered by the instruction text block. The taps will not register for areas that are covered. Just specify different XGridPts and YGridPts that will be outside the covered area.

To provide calibration samples, tap the crosshair each time that it appears on the screen. Right-click anywhere on the screen to return to the last calibration point. Press the Esc button to close the tool. Do not change your screen orientation until you have completed the calibration process.

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