HP tx1000z Came and Went Back Home

The notebook was delivered yesterday. Unfortunately, after seeing two dents on the lid, I couldn't do anything but send it back for an exchange. Having it repaired would have taken much longer so it's easier and faster to place a new order and return the old one. Although, getting it accomplished required several calls to HP tech support, and it was horrible. I had to talk to four agents. Calls were not redirected properly, and one agent didn't know what a dent is and asked me to elaborate. All of them asked me to repeat what was wrong with my laptop, and they insisted that I only had two options: send it back for repair or an exchange AFTER they have received the laptop from me. I requested to talk to a manager and he managed to expedite the shipping method to 2 business days, and placed a new order without waiting for the laptop to arrive in their factory. In all this mess, the new order gave me a few upgrades and add-ons: Windows Vista Ultimate (64-bit), an extra 4 cell battery, and an Auto/Truck Adapter (charger).

So here I am again... waiting.

Tags: HP, Issues, Pavilion, Tablet, tx1000z

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