Windows Live Writer Wish List

The past few blog posts were created using the new technical preview of Windows Live Writer. I think the improvements from the last beta, from a developer’s standpoint, is absolutely outstanding. Good job WLW team! Live Writer has been improving every release, but I wish there was more for end-users this time around.

Here’s a list of the things I would like to see in future versions:

  1. a way to sort the published posts other than in chronological order
  2. a search box for the published post titles and/or contents

    Windows Live Writer: Add search box for published posts

  3. a way to filter by date(s)*
  4. a way to filter posted drafts*
  5. a way to filter by category
  6. delete unnecessary “<p></p>” tags in the source before publishing

    Windows Live Writer: Delete empty <p></p> tags

  7. a better toolbar with all the formatting options
  8. grammar checking
  9. display ping server results or at least notify the user of any errors
  10. ability to define default options for inserting hyperlinks
  11. upload files without any plug-ins.

*I realize some of these feature requests are limited by the blog’s API. For these to work, WLW may also need to send additional parameters. Since I’m using the MetaWeblog API, I can add these features to my blog.

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