Windows Live Writer Beta 2

image Here's the second beta of this great blogging software sporting a newer look and some added features. There's a lot more useful options pertaining to its interactions with blogging services. New to this version are the manifest files where you can define (enable or disable) the capabilities of the blogging platform. Finally, some of the more advanced features can be enabled by Metaweblog users. There's also a new Sidebar panel for each individual blog where these customizations can be made:

  • Specify the icon and watermark used within the Panel.
  • Provide a URL that can be used to navigate the user to the weblog's Admin interface (Manage Weblog command)
  • Override the link text for the View Weblog and Manage Weblog commands
  • Provide a set of custom buttons used to navigate to other places on the weblog (e.g. friends page), display custom content via dropdowns, and notify the user of changes and new content.

Here's a link to the new API.

Source: Writer Zone

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