DigitalPersona Adds Support for Firefox 2 and 3 and Messengers

DigitalPersona: Swipe your finger to log on; Vista Log On Screen

I talked about how DigitalPersona can be used on HP’s tx1000 tablets instead of the bundled Bioscrypt software. Now, there’s a newer version of DigitalPersona worth the download.

Version of DigitalPersona Personal now adds support for the following instant messaging software and browsers:

  • MSN Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and AIM 6.8
  • Mozilla Firefox V2.x and V3.0 Web Browser

Above, you can see Vista’s Log on screen with a better looking fingerprint picture for “Swipe your finger to log on.” It also overlays a fingerprint on the account pictures.

Here are additional screenshots:

DigitalPersona Personal Properties: General  DigitalPersona Personal Properties: Sensitivity 

 DigitalPersona Personal Properties: Automatic Updates  DigitalPersona Personal Properties: About 

 DigitalPersona Personal Fingerprint Logon Manager

Download from HP: DigitalPersona (32-bit), DigitalPersona (64-bit)

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