My desktop machine is not working.

The problem started a few days ago when my PC froze, and the machine wouldn't respond. I tried restarting it, but it wouldn't boot. Every time I started the machine, it gave me a long beep followed by two short ones, and the monitor stayed in standby mode so nothing was displayed.

I managed to get the BIOS screen one time and tried to enter the BIOS setup. Again, the screen froze. I was thinking that it's a video card problem, but after removing all the components except 1 stick of RAM, 1 processor and a video card, it still gave me the same sequence of beeps. Even without the video card, it gave the same sequence of beeps.

I tried clearing the CMOS, removed the battery, and still nothing works. There were no indications that anything was burned. I didn't smell or see smoke or anything that would indicate something got fried, and the video card works just fine on another machine. I don't know of any test to find out what's not working correctly. I'm wishing this can be resolved with a BIOS chip replacement.

I'm taking it to DataDoctors tomorrow. They do checkups for free. Hopefully, they'll have some equipment to check the BIOS chip or the motherboard.

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