Content-Aware Image Resizing (Seam Carving)

Not too long ago, content-aware image resizing was introduced to the world as a proof-of-concept at SIGGRAPH 2007 and this YouTube video. rsizrNow, there's a website that let's you upload images and resize them with this new method. I expected at least a year to pass before anything like this came out, but it's already available and ready to use on rsizr.

Some call it "seam carving", which is a little more descriptive of how the resizing is done. Below is a photo I used for testing. Highlighted in green are the areas I don't want touched, and the ones in red are the areas that can be ignored and discarded. This photo may not be the best one to use for an example, because I could have used Photoshop's clone tool, but that's what's great about it. I didn't have to.

Original ImageSetting up rsizr

Final seam carved image.

Here are some people implementing this algorithm: Larry O'Brien & Gabe Rudy

Tags: Algorithms, Photography, Software

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