I Fell Off the Face of the Internet

It's ok. The site is back up.

I went missingI've had it with HostDepartment! Darn failed DNS propagation! Yay for LunarPages!

This is a lesson why nobody should base hosting decisions on the word 'Unlimited'. Unlimited this. Unlimited that. It could end up in endless headache and disappointment. HostDepartment offered unlimited storage and bandwidth, and I couldn't resist. Bottom line? The server I was on can't handle a wave of 100+ unique visitors. They have clumsy technical support handling, and LiveChat is anything but live. I would rather call it e-mailing one line at a time in a window.

So, I made a decision to transfer to LunarPages last night. Beforehand, I contacted them through their support page, and received a response no more than 15 minutes later. After I signed up, I made several support tickets, and the response was still very quick. Two points for LunarPages. I transferred my nameservers on Godaddy, and was notified that it would take 4 to 8 hours to transfer a .net or .com domain. So I waited... and waited... Around 10PM (close to 24 hours after), I called Godaddy, and asked why the website is still inaccessible. The transfer went ok, they say. Turns out that LunarPages' nameservers were not returning a record for the site. One point less for LunarPages. I notified them about the nameserver problem, and got it up and running 10 minutes later. Half-point for LunarPages.

I'm still doing some moving-in chores. Hopefully, "all's well" by tomorrow.

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