DL.TV: An Online Tech Show

When G4 acquired TechTV, most of the tech related shows were phased out and were replaced with gaming-centric shows. Some people who used to host or were part of the shows are now working for other networks. Erica Hill is now with CNN. Becky Worley is now doing a show called 'Cash & Treasures' on TravelChannel. Leo Laporte and Chris Pirillo are doing their own thing. Well, I think most of them were not so happy with the shift of the network's direction and left.


'TheScreenSavers' was one particular show I liked hosted by Leo and Patrick Norton. The show is no longer around, but Patrick Norton is now co-hosting an online show (podcast) called DL.TV with Robert Heron. I just discovered it yesterday, and It's still about an hour long. It seems to pick up where 'TheScreenSavers' left off, and it seems to follow a similar show format.

Tags: Podcast, Technology

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